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Oliver Peoples, International Marketplace, Honolulu, HI

We are always looking for inventive ways to incorporate new materials into our projects. So, when Oliver Peoples approached us wanting to use natural, native materials for their store in Hawaii, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

It was decided that the Hawaiian Koa wood, with its warm colors and unique grain pattern, would provide an eye-catching look to their storefront. Did we mention the signage also had to be illuminated? Taking all of this into consideration, along with the electrical requirements and the harsh, humid weather conditions of Hawaii, we had to come up with durable, fire-rated solution without sacrificing the overall design.

We started prototyping and testing right away.

Our first idea was to make a standard, metal channel letter sign with the outside finished in a Koa wood veneer. After manufacturing and testing, we determined it would not hold up to the heavy rain or harsh sunlight.

Back to the drawing board.

To have this sign stand the test of time and elements, we would have to do something more substantial than just applying a thin wooden veneer to the sign. Building on the first approach, we decided to make our own ½” thick solid koa wood shell that would fit over top of a standard halo lit aluminum channel letter. The results were flawless. We were able to create a beautiful sign that could withstand the elements.

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