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Mayorga Café, BWI Airport, Terminal A, Baltimore, MD

Here is a kiosk that we were asked to fabricate, deliver, and install. From the large structural steel canopy and illuminated signage, to the cabinetry with quartz countertops - everything was custom. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun managing all the various aspects of this project.

With all of the structural steel components being so large and heavy (well over a ton altogether), we took special care to organize, assemble and test fit everything in our warehouse before shipping. Working in an airport presents its own set of unique challenges, so it was critical to avoid any surprises for our install team on site. It all had to fit together like a glove. Thankfully, all the hard work and effort that everyone put into this project early on paid off in the end. It took our team of four people only three days to unload and install the entire steel canopy structure.


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