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iStore - Apple Display Tables

iStore has always taken a very hands-on, interactive approach to their retail experience. Their family of display and demo tables for their Apple products not only needed to look the part, but provide a functional space for customers to interact with the various products. Minimal and sleek design can pose various challenges when it comes to strength, durability, electrical, and installation requirements. Always keeping those issues in mind throughout the entire process while working closely with the client helps determine the best course of action when it comes to fixture development.

Utilizing a custom metal tube framework for the internal structure of the unit provided the necessary strength that would be needed in such a heavy use environment. Keeping with the clean and minimal theme that is prevalent throughout the entire store, also meant that there would be no room any unsightly, visible fasteners. So, for installation and electrical access, we put in place a removable panel system that relies on strong, rare earth magnets to lock the panels in place. This provided a seamless look and gave the install team the ability to simply pop off the panels gaining access to the floor mounting brackets and all internal wiring.

The solid surface, beveled top provided the finishing touch these sleek and functional displays.


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